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These downloads include the full current releases of the SIR software. You will need a valid licence code to use the software. Temporary codes for evaluation are available free by emailing


Note: You will need to export any existing databases from SIR2002 (or earlier) before importing into SIR/XS.

(Sir/XS .01.18 10 August 2013) Download SIR/XS [18Mb] for Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8 Unzip and run SETUP.EXE
(Sir/XS .01.12 18 August 2009) Download SIR/XS [18Mb] for Intel Mac OS X [Installation instructions]
(Sir/XS .01.12 20 August 2009) Download SIR/XS [9Mb] for Solaris (Risc) [Installation instructions]
(Sir/XS .01.12 21 August 2009) Download SIR/XS [11Mb] for FedoraCore (Redhat) Linux [Installation instructions]
(Sir/XS .01.12 21 August 2009) Download SIR/XS [9Mb] for Solaris10 (Intel) [Installation instructions]
(Sir/XS .01.12 17 September 2009) Download SIR/XS [17Mb] for IBM AIX 6.1+ [Installation instructions]
(Sir/XS .01.12 26 October 2009) Download SIR/XS [22Mb] for HP/UX 11.23 (Risc) [Installation instructions]


(Sir2002 2002.20.39) Download SIR2002 [15.2Mb] for Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP Unzip and run SETUP.EXE
(Sir2002 2002.20.33) Download SIR2002 [15.5Mb] for HP-UX 11.11 / [Installation instructions]
(Sir2002 2002.20.23) Download SIR2002 [8.3Mb] for Alpha Tru64Unix / [Installation instructions]
(Sir2002 2002.20.39) Download SIR2002 [15.0Mb] for IBM AIX 5.2+ / [Installation instructions]
(Sir2002 2002.20.37) Download SIR2002 [6.6Mb] for Solaris 7+ / [Installation instructions]
(Sir2002 2002.20.37) Download SIR2002 [6.3Mb] for Linux / [Installation instructions]
(Sir2002 2002.20.35) Download SIR2002 [8.4Mb] for Irix / [Installation instructions]

Program examples and utilities

These program have been tested on the current release of the SIR.
Training Application 53Kb
Small PQL program rebuilds existing database secondary indexes 1Kb

On a lighter note...
A VisualPQL POLYNOMINO displaying application by Dave Doulton 3Kb
A VisualPQL card game 37Kb



UNZIP.EXE for alpha

To install this version, download and unzip in OpenVMS where you want the software installed. Download and follow the instructions in readme.txt

For Windows

This can be used by users who have SIR on any platform. They are installed as part of the Windows version but can be used on windows in conjunction with SIR on non windows platforms.

ODBC DriverThis ODBC driver can be installed under windows to allow ODBC access to the SIR SQL Server (which can be running on any platform accessable via TCP/IP).

SIR GraphView sir graph files created on any platform on Windows.

SIR/XS Documentation in HTML.

These pages are created and maintained with a SIR database application.
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