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Sir/XS Released
The latest release of SIR, SIR/XS is now available for download on Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X (Intel), IBM AIX and some Linux.

This version has many new features including long names, simplified syntax, and much more. See what's new for more information.

Download it...

A New International SIR User Group and website have been launched.

The new group met online on Friday 5th March and currently includes members from the UK and USA. The group replaces the old UK SIR Users Group.
The Group's website includes forums, a PQL code bank, links to past newsletters and more.



SIR Pty Ltd develops and supports the SIR Relational Database Management and Application Development System which is aimed primarily at research and scientific applications.

The latest commercial release, SIR/XS, includes full relational and hierarchical database structures, query language, reporting language, interactive and batch data entry facilities, 4GL, analytical procedures and graphical application development utilities.

These pages are created and maintained with a SIR database application.
SIR Pty Ltd 312 Mona Vale Road Terrey Hills 2084 NSW Australia. Phone: +61 2 9450 2354 / Fax: +61 2 9475 1430